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The Four Arcanes: The Complete Arcane Collection of Four Books (The Arcane Teaching, Arcane Formulas, Vril & The Mystery of Sex)
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The Four Arcanes: The Complete Arcane Collection of Four Books (The Arcane Teaching, Arcane Formulas, Vril & The Mystery of Sex)

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Author: William Walker Atkinson

ISBN: 1522720146

Number Of Pages: 332

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-12-12

Details: This volume puts together for the first time in one volume, the Four Arcanes, the amazing books written by William Walker Atkinson about the Wisdom of the Ages, or " Arcane Teaching" The volumes are: The Arcane Teaching, The Arcane Formulas, Vril (Vital Magnetism) & The Mystery of Sex. Says Atkinson that “The Arcane Teaching has come down to the present age through the corridors of time, from the dim ages of past eras, races, and schools of thought. Even those highest in the councils of “The Custodians of The Scroll,” are unable to trace the Teaching, in an unbroken direct line, further back than the time of Pythagoras (about 500 b. c.), and a little later in Ancient Greece, although they find many references to, and extracts from, the teachings of ancient Egypt and Chaldea, which serve to show that the Pythagorean and Ancient Grecian Arcane Schools were founded on occult instruction still more remote, received in a direct line of succession of teachers and pupils extending over centuries. Investigators have found traces of the Arcane Teaching in the records of Persia and Medea, and it is believed that the inspiration for the original philosophical teaching (not the religion or the pessimism, however) of Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was received from Arcane sources. Traces are also to be found in the Hebrew Esoteric Teachings of the “Kabbalah” and the “Zohar.”The Grecian Arcane Teaching was undoubtedly obtained directly from Egyptian sources through Pythagoras, the relation between the early Grecian teaching and philosophies, and the older school of old Egypt, being very close and intimate. Pythagoras is known to have received instruction from Egyptian and Persian hierophants. Besides the traditions of the Arcanes, there is to be found the closest resemblance between the ancient Grecian teachings, and those of the Egyptian Esoteric Fraternities. Some of the Teachers, however, hold that the Grecian and Egyptian schools, respectively, were but two separate off shoots of an original and older Teaching which had its origin in the lost continent of Atlantis. There are many Arcane traditions connecting the Teaching with Atlantis, and it is possible that both Egypt and Greece received it from this common source, instead of Greece being indebted to Egypt for the line of transmission. But, be this as it may, it is a fact that all of the traces of teaching that the various occult schools gather from the traditions, scraps of doctrine, and legends regarding Atlantis can be reconciled with the Grecian Arcane Teaching.”

EAN: 9781522720140

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches

Languages: English

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