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Luciferianism: AlterEgo
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Luciferianism: AlterEgo

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Author: Richard K Page

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1530881773

Number Of Pages: 184

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2016-04-03

Details: This book extols the metamorphosis stage of your path towards apotheosis. Previously my books have explored mythos, archetypes, hidden meanings and principle systems. Finally, AlterEgo is the first book in my series which engages with practices and concepts that can be put to use so that you can to achieve the secrets of absolute material success, expression of free will, achievement of ambitions through a three-pronged attack using Luciferian manipulation of Materialism, Supernaturalism, and Idealism. Now is the time to embrace the change within humanity, break free the shackles of this illusory world and the overthrow the manipulators that bind you into a life of obscurity. Wealth, Power, and Freedom can be directly obtained by the full extent of the power that luciferian wisdom, magick and ethos can provide. AlterEgo Identifies the artificial obstructions in your life, and the lives of countless other regular human beings, fighting endlessly on this revolving door of just surviving rather than living. It brings you to the realization of who and what are the adversaries that bind you and allows you to destroy their hypnotic influence over you. This program releases the true you, your Lucifer deific alter ego and diminishes the historically reserved you; bound by Morals, Obligations, Social conformity, Guilt, and False Education until now you never stood a chance. Overthrow the tables, the tide as turned, now is your turn to be the morning star, rising above those who claim the throne. This is what luciferianism is really about. This book contains realizations, rituals and wisdom rarely discussed. This is the Luciferian book that changes everything for you.

EAN: 9781530881772

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English

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