Universal Unified Cloud Computing Power Point PDF Demonstration


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Complimentary Power Point Presentation For Unified Commercial Cloud Computing as a Service Solutions Featuring The Following Business Services For Economical Excellence:

Below are a List of Acronyms and Their Contextual Meaning as I.T. AKA Information Technology Relates to the Telecommunications Industry and Universal Cloud Computing Solutions.

  • Desktop as a Service Acronym is known as (DaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service is known as ((DRaaS))
  • Ethernet as a Service is known as (((EaaS))) 
  • Infrastructure as a Service is known as ((((IaaS))))
  • Content as a Service is known as (((((CaaS)))))
  • Platform as a Service is known as ((((PaaS))))
  • Software as a Service is known as (((SaaS)))
  • Monitoring as a Service is known ((MaaS))
  • Bandwidth as a Service is known as (BaaS)

As well as more topics and highlights regarding Unified Cloud Computing Communications.

Besides Real-Time Quotes gathered from all of the listed Network Operator Center's known exclusively and individually as a NOC branching out to an unlimited amount of integrated growing and expanding Local Exchange Carriers whose acronym goes LEC & the Local RBOC AKA: Regional Bell Operating Carrier and CLEC for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers.

With Proper Planning and a Detailed Outline that Architects a Blue Print that Displays a Forensically Fortified Mapping that navigates Hardware and Software Corresponding Relations Correlating to Switches, Devices, Routers, PC's, Apple AKA: MAC, Mobility Devices such as Smart Phones, iPhones, Tablets, Notepads, WiFi Devices, Ethernet Devices, USB Technology, Blue Tooth Integration, Multi-Office Location Integration, Point to Point Mesh Network, Fixed Wireless, VoIP short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and many others discussed within the Free Downloadable file. The books that correspond with these subjects that we have on sale at Amazon or here on Shopify go much deeper in description an goes further into the terminology and nomenclature and dictionary defining terms and the various applications and glossary meanings.

If your company is in need of automation and centralization then follow the logical path to the cloud with a Platform Service that allows you to Scale Efficiently and Unifies Orderly and Organized and Getting a Handle through Industry Experts and the Tools and those who are Experienced with using the Technology and Deploying Logistically Streamlined Accountable Fully Traceable Logarithms Governed by Geometrical Analytical Arithmetic Synchronizing  Seamlessly All Gadgets, Machines, and Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Devices Anywhere in the World Spanning Every Latitude and Longitude Covering Planet Earth Spanning Throughout Endless Frequencies of Ether Waves Connecting Analogue and Digital Core Communications Connectivity Companies.